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Undergraduate Degree Programs

College-Wide Programs
Self-Designed Major BA

School of Nursing, Health, and Exercise Science
Health and Exercise Science (option available in Teacher Preparation K-12) BS
Nursing BSN

School of Science
Biology*** BS
Chemistry*** BS
Computer Science BS
Mathematics*** (option available in Statistics) BA
Physics*** BS

* Secondary Education options available
** Seven-Year Medical Program option available
*** Options available in both Secondary Education and Seven-Year Medical Programs
† Non-certification at the baccalaureate level; 5 year dual certification at the master’s level

BA Bachelor of Arts
BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts
BM Bachelor of Music
BS Bachelor of Science
BSBME Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering
BSCE Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
BSCoE Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
BSEE Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
BSE Bachelor of Science in Engineering
BSES Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science
BSME Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
BSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing